On the rocks.

On the rocks before dawn, 5.38am. Barometer 1013 and steady. No wind. Layer of cloud seawards. Mid tide dropping, first quarter moon. Nothing special there.

Plan was to bounce plastics for an hour or so then throw stickbaits or metals for a pelagic. It was dead, no signs of bait or life.

I had on my confidence plastic: a Berkeley 6inch swimming mullet in glow on a 1/4 ounce 5/0 nitro stealth jighead.

No bumps, no hits, nothing . Just about ready to leave but kept casting out of habit for another ten minutes. I fish these plastics very subtly, lots of dead time pauses while the plastic wafts around, few twitches, the occasional long glide upwards.

A sudden big bump caught me by surprise, I swung on it and hit weight. Felt a nice solid weight. It didn’t do much but came in as a heavy weight with a head shake or two. When I got it closer to the ledge it was down deep sulking then it finally realised it was hooked and took off on a bullocking run that was very close to an underwater ledge. Waiting for that feeling of line on rock but it never came. Eventually I saw colour and steered it over to a low ledge to wash in on.

93cm. Fat and thick through the shoulder. Nice fish for March.